Autism Training for Law Enforcement, Probation, Social Sevices, Public Safety and More!

Autism Training in Ventura County California

Hello my name is Brian Herritt. I would like to thank you for visiting this website. It is my hope that this website, much like my training, will serve as a resource for you. Whether you are a public safety officer, a parent, or both I hope this will help guide you to whatever information you need.

I never imagined that my families daily dealings with autism would lead me to teach, consult and work with so many amazing people. I consider it an honor to represent not only law enforcement but also the special needs community with what I do.

People ask me what makes my courses and my teaching so different from everyone else? The answer is simple. I have walked in both worlds. I have been the cop who doesn't know what to do and I have also been the father who doesn't know what to do. I believe good training needs to be relevant, entertaining and specific to the audience. Training needs to be realistic and practical. I aim to provide real answers to difficult situations. I understand the time our public safety officers spend in the classroom is valuable and needs to be maximized to the fullest potential. It is my hope that I can bring this training to your agency or group..

I thank you again for visiting this website.

Stay Safe,

Brian Herritt

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